Авторадио. Звезды дискотек 80-90х 2CD (2014)

Авторадио. Звезды дискотек 80-90х 2CD (2014)

Категория: Сборник
Исполнитель: VA
Название диска: Авторадио. Звезды дискотек 80-90х 2CD (2014)
Жанр: Поп
Год выпуска: 2014
Количество треков: 200
Формат|Качество: mp3 | 256 kbps
Время звучания: 12:26:11
Размер файла: 1.32 GB


01_Tom Jones & Mousse T_Sex bomb
02_Scatman Jonh_Sctaman's words
04_Pandera_Summer feeling
05_Fun Factory_Sha la la la
07_Solid Base_This is how we do it
08_Bam Bee_Bam bam bam
09_El canario feat. Lilu_Summer 99
10_Snap_The power
12_Gina T_Fantasy boy
13_No mercy_Plase don't go
14_Righera_Vamos a la playa
15_Magic Affair_Energy of light
16_LA Style_Got to move
17_Captain Hollywood_Over & over
19_Savage_Only you
20_Frank Duval_Worlds
22_Silent cIrcle_Touch in the night
23_Pet shop boys_It's a sin
24_Mike Mareen_Agent of liberty
25_Ken Lazio_Glasse man
27_Benefit_Sex sells
28_P.Rubio_The one you love
29_R.Williams_The road to mondalay
30_N.Oreiro_Rio de la plata
31_Video Kids_Woodpeckers 2002
32_Minimalistix_Magic Fly 2003 (Jare remix)
33_M.Anthony_She mendes me
34_Shakira_Te de jo to Madrid
35_Ace of base_Beatiful morning
36_Killer_All i want
37_Ellior_If you wait for me
38_Boney M_Daddy cool
39_Zhi - vago_Celebrate the love 2003
40_E.Iglesias_Love to see you cry
42_C.Dion_Rain tax
43_Cher_Music is no good (Almighty remix)
44_French affair_I like that
45_M.Farmer_C'est une journee
46_Monkey Circus_Hafanana
47_Outhere Brother_Don't Stop (Wiggle, Wiggle)
48_Queen_Flash 2003
49_T.Ferro_Pi du
51_Sash - Adelante
53_ATB - 9pm
54_Mauro_Buona sera ciao
55_Eifel 65 - Blue
56_Roger Meno_What my heart wanna say
57_G'D'Agoustino - The riddle
58_Digital Emotion_Go go yello y screen
59_Scooter - I was made fore lovin you
60_Baby's gans_Challenger
61_666 - Pradox
62_Mr.Zivago_Little russian
63_MC Sar vs. Dj Dee - Pump up the Jam rap
64_Fun Fun_Happy station
65_The Bloodhoungang - The bad touch
66_Mx Him_Lady fantasy
67_Solid Base - Set me free
68_P.Lion_Happy children
69_Vacuum - Let the mountain come to me
70_Gina T_Tokyo by nighty
71_Sting feat. Cheb Mami - Desert rose
72_Del Faro_Bandiera la playa del sol
73_Lou Bega - Mambo#5
74_Mike Mareen_Let's start now
75_Captain Jack - Get up
77_Vengaboys - Shala la
79_Ann Lee - 2 time
81_Touche - What can i gay
82_Blue System_Romeo & Julietta
83_Pet shop boys - New yourk city
84_Basci Elements_Leave it behind
85_Modern Talking - Sexy sexy lover
86_Fun Factory_Close to you
87_Melanie C - I turn to you
88_Fantastique_Maria no mas
89_Wr vs. Opus - Live is live 2003
90_Pam'n'Pat_To be superman
91_Justine Earp - O - o - o la - la - la
92_Saphir_Shot in the night
93_Smokie - Who the fuck is Alice 2003 (dance)
94_Rose_Magic carlion
95_Tony Esposito - Kalimba De Luna 2002
96_Happy_We geht's
97_Snap - Power
98_Monte Kristo_Lady Valentine
99_Vanila ICE & MC Hammer - Pray
100_Laid Back_High society girl

01_Boney M_Daddy cool
03_Soultans_Can't take my heands of
04_Tom Jones & Mousse T_Sex bomb
05_Mauro_Buona sera ciao
06_Me & my_Dub i dub
07_Modern talking_Brother lovie
08_Scatman Jonh_Sctaman's words
09_Bad boys blue_You're woamn
10_Culture beat_Crying in the rain
11_Roger Meno_What my heart wanna say
13_C.C.Catch_I van lose my heart tonight
14_Digital Emotion_Go go yello y screen
15_Mr.President_Coco jambo
16_Pandera_Summer feeling
17_Baby's gans_Challenger
18_Dr.Alban_It's my life
19_Fancy_Flames of love
20_Fun Factory_Sha la la la
21_2 unlimeted_No limits
22_Mr.Zivago_Little russian
23_Sandra_Around my heart
25_Fun Fun_Happy station
26_Master boy_Generation of love
27_Modo_1,2 polizey
28_Solid Base_This is how we do it
29_Bam Bee_Bam bam bam
30_La bouche_Be my love
31_Mx Him_Lady fantasy
32_Patty Ryan_You're my love
33_E-type_Set the world on fire
34_El canario feat. Lilu_Summer 99
35_Key West_Sorry sorry sorry
36_P.Lion_Happy children
37_Gina T_Tokyo by nighty
38_Joy_Touch by touch
39_Maxx_Get a way
40_Snap_The power
41_Del Faro_Bandiera la playa del sol
42_Erotic_Max don't have sex white your sex
44_Silent Circle_Moonlight affair
45_Ardis_Ain't nobodys businnes
46_Gina T_Fantasy boy
47_Masterboy_Feel of the night
48_Mike Mareen_Let's start now
49_Army of lovers_Lit de parade
51_Jam 7 Spoon_Right in the night
52_No mercy_Plase don't go
54_Righera_Vamos a la playa
56_Yaki-da_I saw you dancing
57_Ace of Base_All that the wants
58_Capella_Move on baby
60_Magic Affair_Energy of light
61_Blue System_Romeo & Julietta
62_Ce MC_It's a rainy day
63_E-Type_Russian lullaby
64_LA Style_Got to move
65_Basci Elements_Leave it behind
66_Captain Hollywood_Over & over
67_Captain Jack_Dream a dream
68_Heath Hunter_Walking on clouds
69_Blue Systrem_She's a lady
70_Fun Factory_Close to you
71_Real Mc Coy_A notter night
73_Captain Hollywood_More & more
74_Culture beat_Mr.Vain
75_Fantastique_Maria no mas
76_Savage_Only you
77_Dj Bobo_Love is all around
78_Frank Duval_Worlds
79_La Bouche_Sweet dreams
80_Pam'n'Pat_To be superman
81_Haddaway_What is love
84_Saphir_Shot in the night
85_Eddy Huntington_Physical attraction
86_Rose_Magic carlion
87_Scotch_Disco band
88_Silent cIrcle_Touch in the night
89_Danny Keith_Keep on music
90_Happy_We geht's
91_Laura Branigan_Self control
92_Pet shop boys_It's a sin
93_Alphavile_Big in Japan
94_Linda jo Rizzo_Heartflash
95_Mike Mareen_Agent of liberty
96_Monte Kristo_Lady Valentine
97_Botronic_I will survive
98_Ken Lazio_Glasse man
99_Laid Back_High society girl
100_Miko Mission_How old are you

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